Official Video Of Global Warning from The 'Paintbox' Album

Official Promotional Video 'Cowgirl Kiss'

Band playing live at Teignmouth Pavilions 2016 featuring the song 'Paintbox'

Official video 'Living In The Rythm Of Life' July 2016

Official Promotional Video 'Live Your Dreams' October 2015

A Matter Of Justice

'Paintbox' from a wet day at Langaland Festival

'Get Up Stand Up' at Langaland September 2016

'Living In The Rythm Of Life' at Langaland Festival Sept 2016

Papers Live CAVE session June 2016 - 'Yeah Yeah Yeah...OK'

Promo video for Respect Festival Exeter 2016 featuring The Papers track 'Live Your Dreams'

Exeter Respect Festival 2016 from Wiseman Productions on Vimeo.

The Rythm Of Life Exeter Festival July 2015

They're Telling You Lies Exeter Festival July 2015

Android July 2015 Exeter Festival

Miracle video 'Make It Allright' shot by Micky Fitz


Live Your Dreams November 2014

Fahrenheit In A Centigrade World - Brighton June 2008

Miracle - Coalition Club Brighton 2006

Irradiation - 1999

How Many More - The Old Queens Head Brixton 1980