PmurT DlanoD


PmurT DlanoD - a spell to rid ourselves of an imp


Interview with Nigel Tant on Bay FM


John interviewed on Bay FM, lots of fun and free wheelin comment


New Single COWGIRL KISS released Feb 27th


Hi friends the first single of 2017 will be released on 27th February. The band ride into town with a message for the pharmaceutical driven pill popping world - get on your feet, dump the pills 'cause they're making you ill, try natural remedies to fix your head and start dancing again.  


What Langaland Festival thought of The Papers


From the feedback we received it was clear that you guys were one of the best and most enjoyed acts. Certainly most people were not expecting to encounter the quality and professionalism which you guys had by the bucketload. We'd absolutely love to have you back, and would be very proud to announce to our fans that you'll be back for a second year


Put Trump in the dump


Close the lid before Trumpism poisons the USA




A new substance has been found: #Corbynite.  It reveals the truth, sticks to its principles and does not bend or break under pressure. It also spreads equality of opportunity, talks sense and supports the rise of communities.   Prime minister material I'd say.


Brexit: a lesson in how to how to cheat and win


Brexit leaders Gove and co go to the top of the class for deception, cheating and lies


The Papers play Langaland festival on the 3rd September


Entry is £15, free camping. Langaford Farm Deven TQ13 8RH, Festival Web site


New track 'A Matter Of Justice'


The Papers release 'A Matter Of Justice'. A new live recording protesting the move away from Human Rights legislation.


The Papers playing live at the Exmouth Festival


#Exmouthfestival The band will be playing on Tuesday 26th May on stage at 8:00pm. Get there early!