We look at it this way. When the financial world collapsed in 2008 it was one group of people who caused it: The Banks. What happened? You and me bailed them out. That’s it. A simple story.  But what happened next? First off the Coalition in the UK didn’t blame the banks, didn’t try to get our money back, didn’t prosecute anyone.  They blamed the previous government. So the Banks got away with it. Got away with all our taxpayer money.   Then the coalition decided to pay for the extra debt incurred in bailing out the banks by cutting public services, the NHS and social provisions. So we paid to bail out the banks, then we paid with cuts to our public services. To keep things running, employment law changed so now we have zero hours contracts.  In other words, low pay, starvation wages. This is the rationale for austerity:  The banks were robbed by the bankers, then they robbed us to pay for their mistakes, then they destroyed public services to manage the debt. They still get huge bonuses, live in expensive houses, drive expensive cars and award themselves huge pay rises via pension schemes and share bonuses.  So should 'austerity' come to an end? Yes! When? NOW!

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