House For The Young

Does it really matter that you can’t buy your home ‘cause the rich are buying them all up and renting them back to you? Does it matter that you are stuck in a room barely able to afford the rent or stuck at home with Mum and Dad?  In Europe most people rent, so what the big deal? The big deal is that in Europe tenants are protected by the law. Long tenancies and restrictions on rent hikes. Here? It’s a free for all as one rip off follows another.  Agencies demand exorbitant deposits and then find excused to not return them. They demand money for obtaining references – not just few quid – hundreds of pounds. 6 month tenancies leave renters with little security.  Landlords ignore damp and unhealthy housing and rack up the rents.  It’s actually better to keep moving tenants on as each time they move the agency makes more money on deposits and fees and the rents go up.  What can you do?  I’ll tell you what you can do.  Write to your MP and demand that the law changes. You would be surprised just how powerful this is.  If only a couple of thousand people started writing to the MPs things could start happening. It’s something of a secret in the UK democracy that few people know about.  Remember, one person is a lunatic but three is a pressure group.

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