Brexit: a lesson in how to how to cheat and win

When Diego Maradona raised his hand to flick the ball past Gordon banks at the 1970 world cup he ensured England’s departure.  His technique, sleight of hand, deception and lies was revealed by the replay of the event. They cheated, but they won, that happens in sport, no-one died. Now the 3 Brexteeres, Gove , Johnson and Farage, using similar techniques have bamboozled the British public into voting out of Europe. As we replay the events of the campaign it has become clear what the real story is.  Northern Ireland revives sectarianism, Scotland revives independence and the British economy tanks, taking the pound with it. And that’s just the start of it. Lies about the European Budget, money going to the NHS, a sea of immigration from Turkey and a raft of deceptions about how Europe really runs. But they won. 


There cannot be one person in the UK who thinks Maradona’s deception was justified. Give it a few years and there won’t be many who think the Brexit campaigners were justified either.

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