So the UK election screwed up..

So the UK election screwed up. Now what?  The only thing worth doing is moving upwards.  There is no point getting hung up on what might have been or how different it could have been or any other version of a different future. But we don’t change the way we think about life.  Collaboration and support is the way to go.  It always was and always will be.  Sure the rich will be celebrating, ordering in more champagne, planning to legalise their foxhunts and make more cuts in social welfare.  That’s up to them. Amassing riches and power for yourself is no way to guarantee a meaningful or fulfilling life. But we’ve got to stick together and keep faith with community – support those we see around us that need help.   I could give you analysis about how it all happened but most people know in their hearts why it happened. So face the new future but stand up for your rights, your friends and your life. Most of all, stick together and stand up for each other.

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