Live Your Dreams track


Live Your Dreams

by The Papers

Released 10/07/2015
Neon Rock Records
Released 10/07/2015
Neon Rock Records
Rock Reggae track released October 2015 featuring an intro by Barack Obama eulogizing about the value of following your dream.
We put Barrack Obama on our new single because he is a man of principle who has achieved much for many of his citizens: introducing Americans to heath care for all while supporting industries in crisis and encouraging entrepreneurs and innovation. He has reduced global conflict ending years of hostility towards Cuba. He has promoted environmental awareness and responsibility. He’s had to battle with the traditionalists but that did not deter him from achieving his dream.

We say Live your Dreams! but you can only do that if you live in a world where there
is a fair distribution of wealth and opportunity. Everyone with determination should be able to raise a family, enjoy this world and be safe and secure. It should not depend on who you know, whether you went to a private school or how much money
your family has.

The Papers music is unique drawing on the love in Reggae, the energy of Rock and the fun in Pop. Our views are uncompromising. Our approach is love the world and enjoy your life. Live Your Dreams!!