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Langaland Festival

Great to see the Papers go from strength to strength! We are 100% sure that Langaland will see a second year, rain or not! 

From the feedback we received it was clear that you guys were one of the best and most enjoyed acts. Certainly most people were not expecting to encounter the quality and professionalism which you guys had by the bucketload. It was such a shame we had to have your slot at the rainiest point in the day!  

If you weren't all put off by the pretty numerous thins which went wrong, and would consider playing again (at a later time in the day, guaranteed) we'd absolutely love to have you back, and would be very proud to announce to our fans that you'll be back for a second year 


The Papers
"Cowgirl Kiss"

Cheerful, feel-good reggae rock

For when you need a quick pick-me-up

This excellently performed feel-good track has got everything you need to pep yourself up and have you feeling like you again. 

Kicking off with a sizzling trumpet that will send your worries far far away, it's bright, it's snappy, it's exciting, and it will have you feeling like it's summer all over again, whisk you away to a happy place and never let you leave.

Never underestimate the power of a cowgirl's kiss.