Rock Against BREXIT!


Hey maybe like us you feel the future doesn't have to be dictated by a bunch of old bigots living in the past. BREXIT may be done but the terms of the exit have yet to be agreed. We want an option to rejoin the EU without having to negotiate more terms. We want to rejoin where we left off. Why? because lets face it Europe is still the most positive place on Earth, and while its not perfect most UK citizens under age of 35 want to be part of it. In a few years time the (Br)exiteers will be dying off in their millions and a young positive generation will be taking over. Lets put a 'no pain plan' on the table so we can simply rejoin when we want.

So calling all bands. If you want to put on a gig using the Rock Against BREXIT European star logo just grab it from our web site, insert it in your promo pages and let us know about the event.

Rock on brothers and sisters, a better world awaits