Welcome friends. You have found The Papers  The Rock Reggae antidote to reality TV, greed, boredom, manufactured music and corrupt politicians.  Checkout the videos of the band below taking a musical hammer to the world of fear and loathing. Load your smartiebox and feel free to share. Love you love music x

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Coming Soon: New Single 2020 'Vienna' A city of dreams where love moves around and you need to be awake to catch the ardour and the clues..


New Single 2020 'Here Comes The World Again' Check out the fun video below. Head to the music page for FREE download. (time limited)

Here's a free track from The Papers- a remix of Live your Dreams, our 2016 hit celebrating Obama's presidency  - let's make 2020 the year we get someone positive about human rights back in the White House .. and everywhere else! To boldly go where no one has gone before... the track can be downloaded for FREE from soundcloud. Share with friends and comrades. Sten, Harry, Norm, Rob, Dexy - The Papers

soundcloud link - free download of track:


Video Review The Papers "Cowgirl Kiss" feel-good reggae rock For when you need a quick pick-me-up This excellently performed feel-good track has got everything you need to pep yourself up and have you feeling like you again. Kicking off with a sizzling trumpet that will send your worries far far away, it's bright, it's snappy, it's exciting, and it will have you feeling like it's summer all over again, whisk you away to a happy place and never let you leave. SKUNKRADIO LIVE Nov 2018

Never underestimate the power of a cowgirl's kiss.  






Click below for The New Album 'PAINTBOX' and the new single 'The Only One I See Is Me'




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Previous events


Exeter RESPECT festival CANCELLED!!

Exeter RESPECT festival, Belmont Park, Exeter, DEVON

On Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2019 Exeter sprang to life once again in the beautiful grounds of Belmont Park to the sounds of world music & dance at The Respect Festival. Now part of ‘Exeter Live Better’, the family friendly festival celebrated it’s 22nd year with a theme of ethnic diversity marking 25 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa.



The Papers at The Balfour Arms

The Papers at The Balfour Arms, 26 Woolbrook Road, EX10 9UZ Sidmouth, Devon, Sidmouth



The Papers at The Cranberry Farm

The Cranberry Farm, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon

Food and beer, come early :))


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