The Papers were formed in 1979. We wanted to change the world - fast. At that time the world was a mess, Oh man we're talking about impending third world war using nukes! And there was a whole bagful of new planet problems - environmental issues - nuclear power plants that didn't work and went bang – Chernobyl, Three Mile Island. On top of that no one seemed to care – there was the new pre-occupation with consumerism and celebrity - what is that stuff??? have we all lost our minds???, Yeah we did not like Thatcher or Reagan - they were destructive assholes - they ended social cohesiveness and took a meat clever to civilised society – the usual septic vision - make money who cares who gets hurt!. The Papers stood for anything but this crap, and used contemporary pop music to incite their audience to take these issues more seriously - and to have some fun - after all what is life for? The Papers were originally based in Brixton South London, the home of much musical carnage and wholesome partying. From 2006 we're basing the band in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK. Now when it comes to a party town you wont find much to beat Brighton, but it is also a place of tolerance, debate, creativity, music, love, new ideas and political mash ups - just perfect – and Mike (harry) our bass player lives there. The MUSIC – Twelve original tracks are featured on the 2006 CD 'Fahrenheit In A Centigrade World'. This includes the controversial debut single How Many More (For The Third World War) and Hello Oblivion, tracks that were set against a backdrop of cold war politics that was spiralling out of control. Reggae on the Radio - a comedic plot about police relations within the black communities, Miracle and Spacer highlighted the development of the 'consumer is king' culture - make anything they want and sell it - hang the consequences. Android and Telephone poke fun at the growing artificial nature of human relations – where has the love gone?? . Dead Mans Shoes points to the futility of 9-5 sheep like career ambitions – that can’t be anybodies dream??? And there’s a ton more and a new set of Brighton musicians to write the new material and perform it live. So what's happened since then? As ever the world didn't quite implode/explode and some good stuff happened as well as bad. However it came close and today many would say its getting worse. Perhaps the threat of a world war has receded, perhaps not but now we have terrorism writ large on every street corner. Violence and political wrangling in the Middle East and North East Africa is just appalling. Global economies are growing faster than ever, consumerism is off the rails, environmental issues are better understood but little has been done despite increasing disasters both in scale and impact. Humanity still finds it hard to get along with each other on the basis of politics, religion, economics, race, gender and sexuality. But it is not all doom. There are some good folks out there – Friends of The Earth and Greenpeace and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and many other organisations and some international politicians that are trying to bring a new balance to this fragile world. The Papers music is unique uncompromising and committed. Has it dated since the 1980s? You will find synergies with todays issues, some frighteningly so. New material is on the way so climb aboard. Time to stop reading and start listening.

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Exeter RESPECT festival CANCELLED!!

Exeter RESPECT festival, Belmont Park, Exeter, DEVON

On Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2019 Exeter sprang to life once again in the beautiful grounds of Belmont Park to the sounds of world music & dance at The Respect Festival. Now part of ‘Exeter Live Better’, the family friendly festival celebrated it’s 22nd year with a theme of ethnic diversity marking 25 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa.



Writing and Recording

Writing and Recording, Belgium, Ghent

We'll be spending some time off the road writing new material during Jan/Feb 2018. Sign up to stay up to date x

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