PRESS RELEASE; Jo Biden brings hope, we bring the music.

The Papers welcome Joe Biden’s stand against the UK government's attempt to undermine the Good Friday Agreement and celebrate his inauguration to the White House by releasing their version of “Whiskey in the Jar ( 2021)”, the traditional song that in many ways represents Ireland's culture and history. New lyrics, that celebrate the Good Friday Peace Agreement, are sung over a rock/reggae beat, that brings a strong message that peace is non-negotiable. 

The band's main songwriters, twin brothers John and Mike Fitzsimons have strong family links with Ireland: both their parents were born in Ireland. Their father Michael came from County Limerick, their mother Kathleen from County Mayo (Mayo is the same area that Joe Biden’s family come from). 

What’s different in the new lyric? In the traditional version, an Irish highwayman is betrayed to English redcoats and ends up in prison. In the new version, only the chorus survives, as each verse considers how peace has brought a new understanding between the UK and Irish communities. 

Much of the band’s output comments on social issues and uses the sound of rock blended with the poetry of 70s reggae from artists such as Bob Marley and Third World. For this new single the band also explore the world of contemporary jazz and folk music, including elements of these genres in their sound.


Out of Brighton comes the sensational band THE PAPERS, who were formed back in the late 1970s and they were kind enough to sent me an album they released in the past titled Fahrenheit in a Centigrade World. This album sounds like it was recorded way back in the early 1980s, which is no problem at all, because the 12 included songs of THE PAPERS on this album sound really good. Opener Miracles is a classic early 1980s British New Wave/Quirky Poprock/Post-Punk mixture, but from the following tracks on it's Ska or Reggae Rock as the band calls it! Dead man's shoes, Reggae on the radio and Telephone are basically pure Ska-Rock 1981 style, very catchy and easily reaching the quality of such legendary bands like MADNESS, THE BEAT, THE SPECIALS and such. With The Only One I See, the band goes for a more melodic pop/rock approach that sounds like a mixture between THE ARROWS (Canadian band) and THE CURE. You might also hear some similarities to THE POLICE here and there (such as during the catchy uptempo post-punkpoprocker Fahrenheit in a Centrigade World), so I guess if you mix all the mentioned acts, then you might end up with THE PAPERS! They also sent me a CD-single titled In Vienna, which is a brand-new song that is basically a nice slowtempo Reggae/Ska ish tune and let's hope more new material will pop up soon. Check out this band at: 

(Points: 8.1 out of 10)

Great to see the Papers go from strength to strength! We are 100% sure that Langaland will see a second year, rain or not! From the feedback we received it was clear that you guys were one of the best and most enjoyed acts. Certainly most people were not expecting to encounter the quality and professionalism which you guys had by the bucketload. It was such a shame we had to have your slot at the rainiest point in the day!  If you weren't all put off by the pretty numerous thins which went wrong, and would consider playing again (at a later time in the day, guaranteed) we'd absolutely love to have you back, and would be very proud to announce to our fans that you'll be back for a second year  ” - Langaland Festival Team

— Langaland Festival

The PapersCowgirl Kiss"RockCheerful, feel-good reggae rockFor when you need a quick pick-me-upThis excellently performed feel-good track has got everything you need to pep yourself up and have you feeling like you again. Kicking off with a sizzling trumpet that will send your worries far far away, it's bright, it's snappy, it's exciting, and it will have you feeling like it's summer all over again, whisk you away to a happy place and never let you leave.Never underestimate the power of a cowgirl's kiss. Download track:


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Exeter RESPECT festival, Belmont Park, Exeter, DEVON

On Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2019 Exeter sprang to life once again in the beautiful grounds of Belmont Park to the sounds of world music & dance at The Respect Festival. Now part of ‘Exeter Live Better’, the family friendly festival celebrated it’s 22nd year with a theme of ethnic diversity marking 25 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa.



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Summer Carnivali! with The Papers

The Phoenix Arts Centre, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon

All language students welcome. A concert for the young and those with a positive outlook of Europe and the world.

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