New EP No More Rich and Poor

Released 14 November 2022

Titled “No More Rich and Poor,” The Papers’ new record showcases compelling lyricism that spans Reggae, Alternative, and Pop music

EXETER, Devon, United Kingdom — October 30th, 2022 – With the release of their new record, ‘No More Rich and Poor’ on November 14th, 2022, The Papers shed light upon a pertinent societal problem. With an ingenious storytelling style and unique instrumentation, the artist echo a distinctive flavor of Reggae, Rock, and Pop music emanating from Brixton in London.

New single - In Vienna

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In Vienna. It’s packed into every nook and cranny, but you have to look. Go beyond the usual “here is the history of the hats burgers” (who did not wear hats and didn’t eat burgers) and instead hit the weird and the obscure. So this is the song. A love that came to nothing. A dream that ended before it began. Like most art in fact.

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In Vienna - The story behind the song

It’s packed into every nook and cranny, but you have to look. Go beyond the usual “here is the history of the hats burgers” (who did not wear hats and didn’t eat burgers) and instead hit the weird and the obscure. So this is the song. A love that came to nothing. A dream that ended before it began. Like most art in fact. 

Follow the narrative and we are sat in a cafe, amid the bric a brac of the flea market. People desperate to sell so they can eat. Suddenly the image appears. Worked for years, it is only now that the artist achieves perfection. So we stare. And of course we fall in love. So much so that there is a chance, a slim chance that the artist will become well known. That her art will be noticed by the gallery and offered for sale. Then, a buyer will arrive, see the painting and think: Will it sell for more in 10 years time? Or less? It is the key moment. A first kiss. The love affair develops into a relationship, one fraught with worry as more is now expected. It is not enough to paint. Now she must promote. She must market. She must sell. 

Fame follows and she is in the Papers. Her image is everywhere and her opinions are sought. Suitors arrive. After years struggling in a frozen studio she is warm and she is fed. Complex descriptions of her artistic intentions adorn the walls almost as important as the images she creates. A phone call. Please come to the TV studio for our weekly chat show. She walks down streets familiar to her memory. But now they are crowded with photographers, hoping to get a shot of her drunk, or with a new boyfriend. Or perhaps in state of undress, skirt ripped or boob hung out. Her life cascades outwards into parties, alcohol and unwise drugs, all provided free by her new managers. There is little time for art. it has become unnecessary. 

Famous celebrities now ring her to invite her abroad. To their gigs, their castles, their yachts. Is she in love? with whom? with what? But she was in love. Before all of this. She loved her art. She loved her friends, her mother and father, the coffee available for a couple of euro in the cafe. She’s in luck. None of the above happened. She’s still an Artist. In Vienna. 

The Papers: Rock reggae jazz pop straight out of Brixton London. Dedicated Artists. Still, In 2020. 
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Band Biography


The singer’s obsessed with Orpington, the drummer is self isolating, and the bass player’s learning Dutch, but they’re still at it. Here comes the new single from rock reggae jazz outfit, The Papers: In Vienna. 

The story stretches back to 1979, and Railton Road Brixton London, amid what became known as The Brixton riots. That’s where they met and decided to create The Papers. Margaret Thatcher had just arrived and ahead lay Ronald Reagan, the miners strike and 
privatisation of everything that moved. To describe them as left field misses the point. They are John Lennonists, maybe Bob Marleyists, and fans of Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen, so if that’s left field, they are in the same field. Signed by Maison Rouge Studios (Ian Anderson) and Panache Music, Their first single How many More (for the third world war) did well enough to make a splash on the London indie chart, with airplay across the globe and plaudits from radio 1 DJ Mike Read and John Peel. Second up, Reggae on the Radio should have gone further, but management and contractual problems torpedoed their progress. Despite this they became the cause celebrity headliners at the massive Tree Fairs in East Anglia and were the belles of London’s Rock against Racism. A No Nukes Music tour saw them play Glastonbury, and a host of London venues. 

John Fitz, the lead singer started out in a glam rock band with Martin Newell (The Cleaners from Venus) and along the way played with Simon Crowe (Boomtown Rats) and supported such luminous names as Supertramp, Jimmy Page and Cosy Powell. Mike (harry) Fitzsimons (twin brother) played with Brighton stars The Piranhas, UK indie Country band The Blue Hearts and Brighton's favourite sons - The Jamestown Union while Norman Marsh was in demand on the prog rock scene. Dexy d’Angelo (trumpet) played with the Midnight Runners. 

Since 2010 they have released one album (Paintbox) and four singles: Live Your Dreams, (featuring Barrack Obama) Cowgirl Kiss, Living in the Rhythm of Life and Here Comes The World Again. For reasons unknown they have become very popular in south 
east Asia! They have played all the main London Clubs, including Ronnie Scotts, the Rock Garden, The Marquee and toured the UK as part of No Nukes Music. Internationally they have played in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Seattle. 

Band: Vocals/ guitar: John Fitzsimons. Bass/ vocals. Mike (Harry) Fitzsimons, Drums: Norman Marsh. Guitar: Rob Bright Trumpet: Dexy D’Angelo. 

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Influences; Sting, Bob Marley, John Coltrane, The Clash, The Killers, Miles Davies, 
Bowie, Annie Lennox, The Doors, Martin Newell.



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