Hey maybe like us you feel the future doesn't have to be dictated by a bunch of old bigots living in the past. BREXIT may be done but we dont have to give up. We want an option to rejoin the EU without having to negotiate more terms. We want to rejoin where we left off. Why? because lets face it Europe is still the most positive place on Earth, and while its not perfect most UK citizens under age of 35 want to be part of it. In a few years time the (Br)exiteers will be dying off in their millions and a young positive generation will be taking over. Lets put a 'no pain plan' on the table so we can simply rejoin when we want.

So calling all bands. If you want to put on a gig using the Rock Against BREXIT European star logo just grab it from our web site, insert it in your promo pages and let us know about the event.

Rock on brothers and sisters, a better world awaits


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Live dates

Exeter Respect Festival 2024 - The Papers

 — (UTC-12) — (UTC-12)

Exeter Belmont Park, Belmont Road, Exeter, Devon

ABOUT EXETER RESPECT Exeter Respect is the city’s annual celebration of diversity where we use the performing and creative arts to engage the wider community in saying no to racism and all forms of prejudice. The Respect ethos is a simple one: racism and prejudice often spring from fear, and fear is often based on ignorance, so let’s overcome ignorance by getting to know one another and sharing not shunning our cultures. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to enjoy yourself with them, hence our celebratory event and adoption of the old Commission for Racial Equality slogan:

All Different, All Equal! The first Exeter Respect festival took place in 1997 and there has been a celebration virtually every year since then. From 2003 to 2008 Exeter Respect’s biggest event was at Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, but from 2009 to the present day our focus has been a giant two day festival in Belmont Park, with a footfall of around 20,000 people every year.

Exeter Respect is returning to Belmont Park for 2024 on Saturday 08 and Sunday 09 June, we look forward to seeing you there. The Papers play at 1.00pm until 2:00pm on Saturday 8th JUNE. Entrance each day minimum £2.00 per person. Donations accepted. Festival starts at 12:00pm each day. Finishes at 7:00 pm

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