The Papers


New Single: In Vienna


In Vienna a breeze blows quietly, carrying a perfume of love and danger into the hearts of unwitting innocents, drawn into a spell of gossamer thoughts, from which no escape is possible or desired. The Papers take to the streets with a compond of Jazz and carribean rythms to bring Vienna to life. A world of Art and ambition, youth and nostalic regrets attempting to be a city of perfection but leaving a trail of questions that are never answered.  The Papers, Political Popsters, with a Rock Reggae calling card,  flamethower lyrics and passion for a fairer world, put down their megaphone for an introspective jazztastic muse,  taking a sociological knife to the emotions that swirl around us unseen in a European city of dreams. Who is this spirit that intices and seduces us into disquieting comforts leaving our weapons by the door, as our intentions whither away. Are we now slaves to a god of impossible greed.

The Papers were formed in 1979. The band wanted to do two things: change the world fast and have some fun. At that time the world was a mess, Oh man we're talking about an impending third world war using nukes! And there was a whole bagful of new planet sized problems: environmental issues, corruption in every direction and nuclear power plants that didn't work and went bang. Search for 'Chernobyl' or 'Three Mile Island' to get the picture. On top of that the political establishment carried on regardless.

The first single 'How Many More for the Third World War' (1980) featured Ronald Regan's inaugural speech and reached no 6 in the UK indie charts. An album of the bands finest work was released in 2006 entitled 'Fahrenheit In a Centigrade World'

Several single relaeses have followed as well as new 16 track album. 'Paintbox'. There are no pithy love songs. Instead the album is a manifesto for a better world. Tracks such as 'Live Your Dreams' featuring Barrack Obama, 'Paintbox' - about meddling politicians and 'Cowgirl Kiss' - about over medication and Global Warning - a swipe at Trumpism.

The Papers music is unique drawing on the love in Reggae, the energy of Rock and the fun in Pop. Our views are uncompromising. Our approach is love the world and enjoy your life. Live Your Dreams!


The Papers are


Twin brothers John Fitzsimons: Lead vocals, guitar

Mike (Harry) Fitzsimons: bass, backing vocals

Norman Marsh: Drums

Rob Bright: Lead guitar, backing vocals

Dexy D'Angelo: Trumpet