The Papers

Rebellious Rock/Reggae with a shake of Pop Fun - Music For A Better World

We are a Rock/Reggae/Pop band inspired by Bob Marley, Dylan and the Doors. Twin brothers John and Mike (Harry) Fitzsimons are the main writers, with collaboration from all the band members, notably Norman Marsh (drums) and Rob Bright (lead guitar). We make fun music with a message. We want to see a fairer, more tolerant caring world. We take a swing at crap politicians, corrupt business and fawning media that try to use humanity for their own interests. We started the band in 1979 at the height of the cold war, streets filling with fascist, a racist media, social destruction and environmental meltdown . Our latest album 'Paintbox' is typical of a band that wanted to change the world in 1979 and still does in 2017. In '79 the world was a mess, Oh man we're talking about impending third world war using nukes! And there was a whole bagful of new planet problems - environmental issues - nuclear power plants that didn't work and went bang – Chernobyl, Three Mile Island. On top of that no one seemed to care – there was the new pre-occupation with consumerism and celebrity - what is that stuff??? have we all lost our minds???, Yeah we did not like Thatcher or Reagan - they were destructive assholes - they ended social cohesiveness and took a meat clever to civilised society –  the usual septic vision - make money who cares who gets hurt!. Today its looking bad again, with a mad-dog US president combing his hair while the country burns, a UK population running scared from Europe, rabid financial corruption, homelessness, poverty, food banks - greed has no limits. Paintbox is an album of songs aimed at all this insanity. The Papers were originally based in Brixton South London, the home of much musical carnage and wholesome partying. Today the band are based in Brighton and Exeter. Now when it comes to a party towns you wont find much to beat Brighton, but it is also a place of tolerance, debate, creativity, music, love, new ideas and political mash ups - just perfect – and Mike ('harry) our bass player lives there. The rest of the band hang in Exeter, home to a more sedate population but just as fired up about the world we seem to be destroying. Listen in and come on down to the gigs. Check us out on FB and our website. Love to you all - The Papers

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