Live Your Dreams

The Papers

Whatever you dream make it real: 'It Doesn't matter who you are' 'Barack Obama

We put Barrack Obama on our single because in our view he is an example to all who want to live their dream. A peacemaker who has had to battle with the traditionalists, he’s done a good job of ending war in our world, introducing a fundamental right - heath care for all, and now ending years of hostility towards Cuba. He also rejected austerity as the way to solve the economic crises of 2008 favouring instead to invest in his country, his people and its industries. We say Live your Dreams! but its hard to do that if you live in a world where there is an unfair distribution of wealth and opportunity. Anyone who is determined should be able to get a job, raise a family and enjoy the life they dream of. It should not depend on who you know, whether you went to private school or how much money your family has.

The Papers stand for equality and fairness, if you agree then our dream is your dream. Our music reflects our roots, it is a unique mix of politics, rock, reggae and pop, uncompromising but also fun. Live your Dreams and sign up on our web site to get more music and keep up with our dream!!

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